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Dr. Katerina Reilly

Associate Veterinarian
Practicing since 2007


B.A. Biology- Boston University
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine- Atlantic Veterinary College

Member of the House Rabbit Network
Member the Veterinary Association of the North Shore (VANS)
Member of  the Massachusetts Veterinary Medical Association (MVMA)
Member of the American Veterinary Association (AVMA)
Graduate of Angell Memorial Animal Hospital Internship Program

What is your UN-official title at Atlantic Vet?
My un-official title is Mama Kat.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
As a child I aspired to be an astronaut or a wildlife biologist.

What do you have for pets?
Two house rabbits (Acorn and Pinecone); One cat (Cricket)

What little known fact about you would surprise clients and maybe co-workers?
I worked at the New England Aquarium before Veterinary school in the veterinary department as a biologist. I won 3rd place in Nationals for Pre-Championship Ballroom dancing (Latin).

How long have you worked at Atlantic Veterinary Hospital?
I started working here in August of 2010.

What is your favorite part about your job?
Helping pets through their illnesses and seeing them back again for their healthy annual visit. Of course, the puppy, kitten and rabbit visits never get old.

In your opinion, what animals are the most misunderstood?
I believe that snakes are the most misunderstood animals. Most people believe that they are just slimy, slithery venom injecting evil doers. In actuality, they are unique hearted (they have only 1 ventricle) interesting animals that play a huge part in the earth’s ecosystem.

If your pets could answer one question, what question would you pose?
Why do dogs eat the strangest things? (underwear, pacifiers, rocks, poop …)