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Helpful Links

New Puppy or New Kitten help

Advice on poisonous food and plants from the ASPCA

  • Poison Control, open 24/7. Call (888) 426-4435 talk to a poision control specialist. Warning it costs $65 for advice.

  • Toxic and non-toxic plants- this is a comprehensive list of plants, toxic or non-toxic with pictures and clinical signs of ingestion.

  • Food to avoid feeding your pet- This is a list of the most common foods which can be toxic to your pet, it even includes why they are toxic.

  • Poisonous household products, medicines and cosmetics– did you know that some breath fresheners contain a sweetener that can be toxic to your pet? If your pet has bad breath consider brushing his/her teeth or bring him in for a dental cleaning.

Looking to adopt? Try these shelters and rescue groups.

  • North East Animal Shelter This shelter is located in Salem right on Highland Ave. You will find lots of dogs and cats of all ages at this well run facility.

  • The Marblehead Animal Shelter – This one is right around the corner. This shelter has cats and kittens primarily but every once in a while will have a dog/puppy up for adoption.

  • Cape Ann Animal Aid– This shelter is not far, just a short trip up 128, and has provided many wonderful four-legged family members to our community.

  • Sweet Paws Rescue, Forever Home Rescue and Green Fur Kidz Inc. are three rescue groups where our employees have adopted some pretty amazing cats and dogs.

  • Pet Finder – You can find all sorts of pets on this site they list everything from dogs to barnyard animals. You set the parameters and Pet Finder will find the pet for you.

  • House Rabbit Network – This site has adoptable bunnies listed and is a wealth of information for potential adopters and veteran owners.

  • MSPCA – The MSPCA has three different locations throughout eastern MA and has all different types of pets available.

  • Foster Parrots – This considered a wildlife sanctuary fostering abused and homeless parrots many of which are up for adoption.

  • AKC Resuce Network – Here you will find a list of rescue groups by breed. Please note that there are many different groups out there and this listing does not include them all.

Plan on traveling with your pet? Check out these links…

  • Traveling out of the country?

    • APHIS Pet Travel –  Here you will find all the requirements for international travel. Did you know that we have doctors that are certified to submit International Travel Certificates?

  • AVMA– Here you will find some answers to frequent questions about traveling with your pet.

  • Planning to bring Fido along for the ride? This site will help you plan your trip with a list of pet-friendly vacation spots.

  • Traveling with your service/emotional support pet?Click this link to find out about all the new regulations involved with flying with your service/emotional support pet.