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Dr. Kate Cronin

Associate Veterinarian
Practicing since 2004


B.S. Biology- Boston College/Harvard University
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine- Tufts University
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What is your UN-official title at Atlantic Vet?
Mama of the bullies

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A professional surfer or Orthopedic Surgeon

What do you have for pets?
Max the cat. My 3 year old has requests in for: a hermit crab, guinea pig, pony, cow and puppy.

What little known fact about you would surprise clients and maybe co-workers?
I was an art major in High School.

How long have you worked at Atlantic Veterinary Hospital?
10 Years and I am returning after a 3 year position in Rowley, MA

What is your favorite part about your job?
I love seeing animals get well and solidifying the human-animal bond; it is very humbling to be a part of that relationship.

In your opinion, what animals are the most misunderstood?
Pit bulls (surprise). In recent years, these traditional “nanny” and service dogs have been inbred, fought and maligned. They are an example of how environment and human intervention have created fear (and thereby aggression) in a “breed” of dog. In my opinion, they are truly the most affectionate, loyal, snugly breed there is. Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson as well as Helen Keller all owned Pit bulls.

If your pets could answer one question, what question would you pose?
Why is goose poop your favorite?